7 newborns killed in fire at Delhi children’s hospital
7 newborns killed in fire at Delhi children’s hospital

New Delhi: Seven newborns tragically lost their lives in a significant fire that erupted at a children's hospital in Delhi late Saturday, as reported by officials.

The Delhi Fire Services were alerted to the fire incident at 11:32 pm at a baby care center in the Vivek Vihar area of East Delhi. Subsequently, 16 fire tenders were promptly dispatched to the location.

Authorities managed to rescue 12 newborns from the building's first floor; however, regrettably, seven infants succumbed to their injuries while receiving medical care at the hospital. Presently, five children are under treatment at the facility.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, and legal action has been taken against the hospital owner.

Expressing his grief, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal described the incident at the children's hospital as "heart-wrenching." He emphasized that a thorough investigation is underway, assuring that those found negligent will face the consequences.

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