Hamas welcomes UN's permanent Gaza ceasefire resolution
Hamas welcomes UN's permanent Gaza ceasefire resolution

Doha, Qatar: Hamas has expressed its approval for a permanent ceasefire, contingent upon several conditions, including Israel's complete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and a captive-prisoner exchange. Additionally, Hamas demands the reconstruction of Gaza, the return of displaced Palestinians to their homes, the rejection of any demographic changes or reduction in Gaza's area, and the entry of humanitarian aid. In their statement, Hamas emphasized their readiness to negotiate indirectly with involved parties to implement these principles, aligning with the demands of both the Palestinian people and the resistance.

The United Nations Security Council has welcomed a ceasefire proposal announced by US President Joe Biden, marking a significant development after eight months of intense conflict. This proposal, which Israel has accepted, includes a three-phase plan that the Security Council urges both Israel and Hamas to implement immediately and unconditionally. Initially, Hamas viewed the proposal "positively," and the binding resolution now calls for the full and prompt execution of its terms.

The European Union has also expressed its support for the UN Security Council's resolution, emphasizing the importance of immediate implementation. This international backing underscores the urgency and necessity of establishing a sustainable ceasefire to bring an end to the ongoing violence and pave the way for humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts in Gaza.


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