Sahara Group inaugurate new Tea Hut restaurant in Thumama
Sahara Group inaugurate new Tea Hut restaurant in Thumama

Doha, Qatar: Sahara Group has inaugurated a new venture, Tea Hut Restaurant at Furjan Market in Thumama. The grand opening ceremony was held and graced by prominent dignitaries and esteemed guests. KMCC President had the honor of inaugurating the new establishment, a testament to the restaurant's cultural significance and the group's strong community ties.

Present at the inauguration was Sahara Group’s Managing Director, Ickbal Mohamed, alongside several other dignitaries, business associates, and well-wishers attended the event, highlighting the group's strong network and reputation in Qatar.

Sahara Group, established in 2014, proudly marks its 10th year of operation in Qatar. Renowned for its diverse ventures, the Sahara Group encompasses real estate, restaurants, mini-marts, and a typing center, consistently contributing to Qatar’s vibrant business landscape.

Tea Hut aims to offer a unique dining experience, combining traditional and contemporary culinary delights to cater to diverse tastes located in Furjan Market near Al Emadi Majid. It promises to become a favorite spot for food enthusiasts, providing an inviting ambiance.

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