Hamas claims major missile strike on Tel Aviv
Hamas claims major missile strike on Tel Aviv

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The armed wing of Hamas, known as the al-Qassam Brigades, announced a significant missile attack on Tel Aviv on Sunday, prompting the Israeli military to activate sirens in the central city, warning residents of potential incoming rockets. In a statement released on its Telegram channel, al-Qassam Brigades claimed the attack was in retaliation for what it termed "Zionist massacres against civilians." According to Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV, the rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip.

This incident marked the first time in four months that rocket sirens were heard in Tel Aviv, though the Israeli military did not immediately specify the reason for the sirens. Despite the alarm, Israeli emergency medical services reported no casualties following the attack. The absence of casualties provided some relief amidst escalating tensions in the region.

The missile attack underscored Hamas's continued capability to launch long-range rockets, even after enduring more than seven months of intense Israeli military offensives both from the air and on the ground. This development highlights the persistent volatility and the ongoing cycle of retaliation between the two sides, further complicating prospects for peace and stability in the region.

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